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DAILY BRIEFING: "UPenn Backtracks, Breastfeeding Fantasy, Female Lockeroom Invasion, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Anti-Semitic Colleges, Gender Neutral Toys, Threats Against Jews, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Trans In Girl's Bed, A Detransitioner's Story, Chinese Network, and More!

DAILY BRIEFING: "Chinese Invasion, Lorenz Lies, Social Justice Teacher, And More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Trans Pizzeria Meltdown, 2-Tier Justice, Disney Dilemma, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Irish Censorship, Satanic Abortions, TikTok Hamas, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "School Threatens Mom, Prostitute Exposed, Irish Lives Matter, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Blackface Boy, White Hate, Anti-Semitic Professor, and More!"

It's Giving Tuesday!

DAILY BRIEFING: "Trans Muslim, School Indoctrination, Ireland Restricts Rights, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Students Riot, Israeli Hostage Released, Anti-White Racism, and More!"

A Thank You from Libs Of TikTok

DAILY BRIEFING: "US Soldier Fined, NBC Arrest, Trans Surgery On Kids, and More!"

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RESULTS: The ADL CAVES to Libs of TikTok

Middle Schooler SUSPENDED And BANNED From Sporting Events After Being Accused Of Wearing Blackface

DAILY BRIEFING: "NY Taxi Tantrum, Pro-Hamas Praise, Students Reject Trans Policy, and More!

DAILY BRIEFING: "No Free Speech in UK, Spooky Sex Party, Veteran Health Crisis, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Pronoun Power Trip, Puberty Blockers, Racist Anti-Racist, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Dildo Lectures, Dog-Coded, Hamas Nazis, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "Chaya Confronts AOC, Full IWF Speech, ADL Folds, and More!"

DAILY BRIEFING: "ADL Responds, Trans Military Surgeries, and More!"

Chaya Raichik receives Resilience Award from IWF

BREAKING: TX district removes pornographic books after Libs of TikTok exposé

REPORT: Texas Rep Hugh Shine (R) voted against school choice, is endorsed by Randi Weingarten's AFT, and receives funding from teacher's unions

Why Porn Is Bad for Your Brain and how it affects childen

SCOOP: MN middle school invites students on a "Q-quest" field trip to attend and perform in a drag show

REPORT: Meet Caroline Schindler- a drag obsessed middle school teacher with a classroom full of LGBTQ propaganda who wants to be her students’ “mom”

#MayorSpanky Full Story Breakdown

LoTT Daily Briefing

REVEALED: TX Rep Travis Clardy (R) voted against school choice, is funded by teacher's unions, sends his kids to private school

LoTT Daily Briefing

School district blocks Libs of TikTok domain after being confronted about pornographic books they're offering kids

SCOOP: Drag queen teacher allegedly guided students to his sexual drag content on social media

LoTT Daily Briefing

Male crowned homecoming queen, beating out four other girls in Missouri school

BREAKING: Missouri Dept of Health investigating Starbucks barista with diaper fetish after he filmed himself dispensing whipped cream into his diaper

Libs of TikTok is Making Headlines Again!

LoTT Daily Briefing

BREAKING: Mayor of Burbank gets spanking from drag queen in front of children at campaign event

LoTT Daily Briefing

LoTT Daily Briefing

LoTT Daily Briefing

BREAKING: WI school district defends offering kids guides to anal sex and sex kinks, claims the content passed the “selection guidelines"

LoTT Daily Briefing

LoTT Daily Briefing

SCOOP: New mandatory hospital staff training promotes transitioning 4-year-olds

BREAKING: Georgia district defends offering kids porn, claims it "promotes intellectual freedom"

LoTT Daily Briefing

BREAKING: Georgia school removes pornographic books after Libs of TikTok exposé

LoTT Daily Briefing

LoTT Daily Briefing

LoTT Daily Briefing

BREAKING: Satan worshipping Illinois teacher who suffers from "mania and psychosis" fired after special board meeting

"Black supremacist" teacher with history of racist tweets is fired after bragging that she wouldn't get fired

Exposing Eric Swalwell’s Friendship with a Child Pornographer

Libs of TikTok is hiring!

SCOOP: Chicago Public Schools employee allegedly fired for voicing concerns over student drag show

Family-friendly pride festival in Minneapolis hosts “Adult Diaper Enthusiasts” booth

REVEALED: Rural Texas School District includes gender ideology in curriculum, teaches kids about pronouns, gender spectrum, and circumventing parents

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower exposes hospital for performing genital sex change surgeries on minors

RECORDING: Texas teacher gives lesson on transgenderism, says Doctors can make a mistake when declaring baby's gender

Rural Texas school promotes chatrooms for children to talk to strangers about gender, tells parents to affirm trans kids

WATCH: Drag queen appears to perform lap dance on student at Pride event with high schoolers

NYC schools using tax dollars to host LGBTQ writers promoting books on gender identity

WATCH: Parents outraged after students mandated to watch drag performance, school doubles down

BREAKING: Middle school removes gender identity lesson after Libs of TikTok exposé

Portland middle school hosts black-only family event

Slack banned Libs of TikTok and refuses to give us a reason

From Libs of TikTok creator to author: Chaya Raichik releases new children’s book No More Secrets

AOC lied about me on the House floor in an unhinged tirade

Minnesota health mentor offers student chest binder for gender transition behind parents’ backs

Preschool teacher allegedly created OnlyFans content on school grounds

WHISTLEBLOWER: South Carolina schools teaching CRT

Weekly Clown World - Issue 5

SCOOP: Missouri middle schools took students to drag show without parental consent

REVEALED: California school district facilitating gender transitions on children without parental consent