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RECORDING: Texas teacher gives lesson on transgenderism, says Doctors can make a mistake when declaring baby's gender


Parents of Lockhart High School students were outraged to find out that gender ideology was snuck into the health curriculum without their consent. In a video circulating amongst the community Facebook group, a teacher can be heard instructing the students on the definition of transgenderism. "Transgender is when the doctor decided you are a certain gender based on what they assumed your outsides look like, and then later it turned out that it wasn't true," the teacher said. 

The class was taught as part of what was supposed to be a lesson on healthy relationships. According to Texas Senate Bill 9, Lockhart High School, located in Austin, Texas, is required to provide instruction relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking. However, this class covered far more than just that. With guidance from the School Health Advisory Council, Lockhart ISD partnered with the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center (HCWC) to teach the class. HCWC is an organization that purports to offer community education throughout Hays and Caldwell Counties on topics relating to sexual abuse and violence. But a deeper look into the organization shows a hidden agenda. 

HCWC website

The website contains anti-racist and other far-left messaging.  “We have long recognized that domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and racism are intricately linked,” the website states. “Racism permeates the building blocks of our nation, so being “not racist” is not enough for HCWC. We must be anti-racist. We must work to dismantle the systems that create oppression, hatred, and violence.” The organization does not stop there. It also reiterates its commitment to employ people who understand what it means to be anti-racist. “Some of us are just now learning how white people benefit from systems that oppress people of color,” they admit. 

HCWC anti-racism statement

With such messaging boldly displayed on its website, it comes as no surprise that the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center injects gender-ideology into its school lectures. In fact, they openly advocate for teaching such topics in all Texas schools. In the organization's podcast “Outspoken”, the team discusses health education in Texas and stress the importance of implementing LGBTQ topics into the Texas curriculum. “For some people that can be a pretty controversial topic,” one of the hosts admits. But she goes on to explain that because the number of LGBTQ youth continues to rise, it is important to discuss such topics in the classroom. “We want people to be celebrated for who they are,” she says, “and if they can get information on that in a school setting… that only benefits more people in our community.”  She also stresses that parent’s values shouldn’t get in the way of what they want to teach children in the state. “We know that people have different values… they want their children to have certain information that follows their own values and beliefs,” she says. “And that can be kind of a tricky situation where you’re setting that standard for the entire state.”

Lockhart ISD seems to agree with this sentiment. In response to parents’ outrage, superintendent Mark Estrada released a statement defending the course, but did not address the contents, specifically regarding gender-ideology. Although he halted the course, Estrada maintained that it followed the guidelines of Senate Bill 9, which requires Texas public school districts to provide instruction relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence dating violence, and sex trafficking. He emphasized that Lockhart’s curriculum was reviewed and recommended in alignment with the state-required process and then posted on the school district’s website for parents to view. He also noted that no student was allowed to participate in the presentation without a signed permission form from their parents. However, parents who we spoke with insisted that the consent form made no mention that the lesson on dating violence prevention would include topics about gender-ideology

Superintendent statement to parents

Libs of TikTok reached out to Lockhart High School and the Lockhart Independent School District to gain clarity on why parents were not informed on the details of the lessons their children received. We did not receive a response to our request for comment.

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