From Libs of TikTok creator to author: Chaya Raichik releases new children’s book No More Secrets

Feb 26, 2023

A few years ago, when I created Libs of TikTok, it was an opportunity to expose the increasing pandemic of the attack on our children’s innocence. After noticing the videos I was finding were getting more frequent and also more aggressive, I decided it was time to do more than expose this darkness. It was time parents had a tool to help protect their children from predators, so I wrote a children’s book designed to do just that.

It’s called No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern. My book is a colorful, modern-day take on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood. It is a fun, beautifully illustrated and age-appropriate story about a sheep named Rose who starts second grade with a new teacher, Mr. Wooly. He suspiciously convinces his students to eat candy and treats everyday at school while telling them to keep it a secret from their parents. Mr. Wooly uses phrases like, “don’t worry about what your parents said,” “you can trust me,” and “my class is a safe space.” These are the very phrases that predators in authority positions use on children. Without a strong foundation of trust in her family, Rose may not have felt that twinge of uncertainty alarming her that something was off.

My hope is this book can help create that foundation of trust in your family and families across the country. That’s why I chose to partner with BRAVE Books whose mission is to help parents instill a love of truth and strong morality in their children so that they can withstand harmful progressive influences like the ones I expose on Libs of TikTok. As children surpass their toddler years, they begin launching into various social situations in which they no longer have their parents present. Whether it’s at school, sports practice, or a friend’s house, children reach the age where they must make decisions and discern on their own. That is why parents must instill strong morals and values in their children before they get launched into the real world.

My book teaches children to always trust their parents as the authority even when other adults try to tell them otherwise. Every parent should have this conversation with their children and this book will help families do that. I’m not stopping at every home, though. This book should be in every home and school across the country. After revealing my identity on national television, I’m ready to mobilize and work to put the big, bad wolves on the run!

Protect the innocence of the children in your life by getting my new book No More Secrets. Together we can stop the secrets and start the conversation.

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