An English teacher playing psychologist on his classroom, and mighty bad psychology at that: if you think the behavior of others is inappropriate or unhealthy, then that means you actually want to do it. Yeah, right. And therefore, he's trying to stigmatize anyone saying it's not good.

We must terminate government schools, asap (and no, that doesn't mean I secretly want government schools ).

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The left preys on the vulnerable and mentally ill! They have been succeeding in steering children away from family life and God for decades. It started with scaring them off from having children, creating scared selfish people that will abort a miracle from God to cater to their selfish needs. Now that they succeeded in that they push perversion. When either of these 2 things happen they have successfully pulled someone away from God and a wholesome life! Leads to more depression and addiction! Ask yourself who at the top benefits from that!

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This person is himself dealing in one of the most thoroughly-debunked, bigoted, and homophobic falsehoods out there.

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Keep up the good work

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I hope the parents of the students in this class or all his classes are made aware at least.

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Sometimes a blog hits the mark, sometimes it misses the mark. This one is a miss of course.

English teachers are among the first of many high school teachers who discuss psychology. The teaching of English goes beyond conjugation and sentence diagrams, and in close reading and interpretation seeks to understand something called “meaning”. Were an English teacher unable to look at reaction formation as a motivation when a character has paradoxical reaction to events, I’d ask for another teacher. Kudos to this one.

A High School English teacher discussing the old chestnut of homophobic reaction formation hardly bears repetition much less scrutiny. For anyone who has been awake the last 50 years it’s obvious that it holds no “politically charged” view on anything, other than stating the obvious in our world. I didn’t hear him call out the other obvious point that a majority of homophobic hypocrites seem to emerge from the Republican Party. My friends and I have been wondering for years why Republicans are anti-affirmative action, since they are the party of affirmative action employment for gay sex abusers along with charismatic Christian organizations (well, second only to the Catholic Church).

Aside from private homophobia, publicly homophobic politicians and religious figures emerge in the press roughly every 137 days on average. Here’s a brief list back to 2004, or quite close to what the teacher states If you listen to the recording.

I suspect it would be larger except for COVID; I can calculate the homophobic sex scandal deficit through COVID if someone’s interested.

The Right-Wing Fidesz scandal leader Szájer should get a scandal academy award for the trifecta he had in 2020: the depth of his gay sex (naked, crawling in a gutter, fleeing a notorious “anything goes” unprotected gang-bang sex party in Belgium), drugs (backpack with plenty of illegal substances en Vogue at such events), and a disease (violating COVID restrictions, and likely safe sex practices.

Consider this list and then think: would I rather have my children listen to the English Teacher, or the politics presented by these people.

Pic Name Date Days held: Summary

MEP József Szájer (Fidesz) Dec. 1, 2020 213 far-right party cofounder, who wrote anti-LGBT amendment to Hungarian constitution, resigned for violating COVID-19 lockdown after police caught him fleeing from sex party at gay bar, carrying drugs

Rep. Aaron Schock (R) March 5, 2020 271 consistently anti-LGBT voting ex-Congressman jock came out gay & to "support LGBTQ rights" after being caught making out with another guy at Coachella, "because of the extraordinary, brave people who had the courage to fight for our rights when I did not"

Rev. McKrae Game (HfW) Aug. 30, 2019 188 founder of Southern Baptist "conversion therapy" organization came out ex-ex-gay; wants "all ex-gay ministry dismantled"; full interview with Truth Wins Out

TN Rep. Bill Sanderson (R) July 24, 2019 37 resigned to spend more time with his winery

David Matheson (LDS) Jan. 20, 2019 185 Mormon "gay conversion" therapist came out as ex-ex-gay but pro-ex-gay

Rev. Ernest Angley Jan. 19, 2019 1 anti-gay, pro-vasectomy televangelist admitted mutual masturbation (but "didn't make him cum") in recorded phone call; settled sexual harassment and forced-vasectomy lawsuit by former employee

Dr. Norman Goldwasser Nov. 2, 2018 78 "gay conversion" therapist, "unable to help [him]self" from Manhunt hookups.

Dr. Melvyn Iscove March 9, 2018 238 "gay conversion" therapist sexually abusing his patients had license revoked, & ordered to pay CAD$124k

OK. Sen. Ralph Shortey (R) March 16, 2017 358 charged with 3 felonies for soliciting teen male prostitute, pled guilty to child sex trafficking to get child porn charges dropped; resigned after being suspended; body cam & interrogation video released

Bp. Kevin Kanouse (ELCA) July 27, 2015 598 came out voluntarily to Evangelical Youth Gathering

Rep. Dennis Hastert (R) June 5, 2015 52 indicted (and convicted in part) for felony bank fraud related to hush money to former male high school student, accused by sister of 2nd victim

N.D. Rep. Randy Boehning (R) April 27, 2015 39 outed on Grindr after voting against anti-discrimination bill; acknowledged it was him

Frazier Glenn Cross (KKK/WPP) April 24, 2014 368 arrested for JCC shootings, unrelated to reported rape of male prostitute

Javier Suárez Pascagaza November 10, 2013 166 leading Columbian gay marriage opponent outed, doesn't deny when asked

Alan Chambers (EI) June 20, 2013 143 "ex-gay" ministry leader formally apologized for damage done by Exodus; full interview with Truth Wins Out

John Paulk (ex LWO) April 24, 2013 57 former "ex-gay" spokesman came out against "ex-gay movement"

Cardinal Keith O'Brien (RC) Feb 23, 2013 60 anti-gay cardinal "used night prayers as an excuse for inappropriate contact" with subordinates; forced to resign by retiring pope, initial denials followed by confession

Ryan J. Muehlhauser Nov 8, 2012 107 "ex-gay" counseling pastor charged with sexually assaulting clients

MO. Rep. Zach Wyatt (R) May 2, 2012 188 came out voluntarily to oppose "Don't Say Gay" bill; in office until 2013, withdrew from re-election to study marine biology

Jeremy Marks (C UK) April 20, 2012 12 came out voluntarily, now advocating ex-ex-gay

Kathryn Lehman (R) March 28th, 2012 23 came out voluntarily, now advocating repeal of anti-gay law she helped write

Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) February 16, 2012 43 came out and spoke in favor of same-sex marriage after threatened ex-boyfriend got a lawyer

Michael Berry February 15, 2012 1 deleted Twitter & Facebook accounts

Mayor Greg Davis (R) December 16, 2011 60 came out after ironic audit showed city paid for gay sex shop purchase

John Smid (ex LIA) October 11, 2011 65 came out voluntarily, now advocating ex-ex-gay; full interview with Truth Wins Out

Msgr. Ian Dempsey (RC) Sept. 15, 2011 26 denied wrongdoing, victim under confessional gag order

Rev. Markku Koivisto (Lu) Sept. 11, 2011 4 resigned, admitted homosexual infidelity; convicted of sexual abuse of 17yo boy, sentenced to 15 months jail, 30h community service, & €15,500 compensation

Sen. Roberto Arango (R / NPP) Aug. 29, 2011 13 resigned, denial: "documenting weight loss"; came out 2.5 years later

Rep. Philip Hinkle (R) Aug. 12, 2011 17 stayed in office 1 year; didn't run for reelection

Rev. Albert Odulele (GHIP) March 31, 2011 133 religously conflicted, pled guilty, served 4 months in prison

Rev. Eddie Long (NBMBC) Sept. 21, 2010 191 denial

Chm. Ken Mehlman (R) Aug. 26, 2010 26 came out voluntarily, resigned, now advocating for gay rights; organized SCOTUS briefs pro same-sex marriage (twice) & against anti-gay discrimination

Rev. George Rekers (SBC) May 4, 2010 113 resigned, denial: "lifting luggage"

Sen. Roy Ashburn (R) March 9, 2010 56 came out voluntarily, now advocating for gay rights

CoS Mark Buse (R) Sept. 22, 2008 534 no response to outing; worked for anti-gay McCain until 2012

Glenn Murphy, Jr. (R) Nov. 9, 2007 317 resigned for "business opportunity"; sentenced to 6 years in prison (4 years suspended) for performing non-consensual fellatio

Rep. Richard Curtis (R) Oct. 30, 2007 10 resigned, filed extortion charges

Rep. Bob Allen (R) July 27, 2007 94 resigned, denial: "scared into paying $20 to give fellatio"

Sen. Larry Craig (R) June 11, 2007 46 denial: "wide stance"; 2015: named as frequent employer of male sex workers

Rev. Ted Haggard (NAE) Nov. 3, 2006 220 resigned, denial: "just buying meth"; in 2012, supported same-sex marriage

Rep. Mark Foley (R) Sept. 28, 2006 35 resigned, admitted via lawyer

Hon. James E. West (R) May 5, 2005 509 removed from office, partially admitted

Rep. David Dreier (R) Sept. 24, 2004 223 in office until 2013, mixed voting record after outing

Rep. Ed Schrock (R) Aug. 30, 2004 25 ended reelection campaign

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It's like 90% of your articles are sound arguments why kids should NOT be in public schools anymore. This guy has no right to spout this garbage to children. Makes me sick to my stomach. 🤮

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There’s nothing incorrect about what the teacher is saying in terms of actual homophobia among religious leaders when pray the gay away was a thing. Since then the definition of homophobia has expanded to areas whereby disagreement, concern, or skepticism is now considered bigoted according to activists. But my main issue here is; is this supposed to be a class on the alphabet people or is he going off topic? This obsession with sexuality is as though it should be a focal point is not expanding the minds of the students.

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