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WATCH: Teacher caught in secret recording telling students that they might be gay


An alarmed New Jersey parent sent us a video of what appears to be Shawnee High School English teacher, Jon Posch promoting his politically charged worldview of sexuality to a room of students. 

"Look, for somebody who identifies as straight, when you walk by two guys holding hands, it just bothers you and you just can't stop thinking about it. And all day you are thinking about it and maybe you feel a little bit tingly.  What might be going on a lot of times?”

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Why is an English teacher talking to students about feeling “tingly” when seeing public displays of affection?

Mr. Posch then insists that people, especially politicians and preachers, who are “anti-gay” are struggling with their own homosexual feelings and are probably closet gays and therefore need homosexuality to “not exist.”  

The student who filmed it wished to remain anonymous for fear of being singled out by the teacher.

As far as we’re aware, the school has never addressed the political or sexual nature of the conversation with parents and Mr. Posch is still listed as a member of staff on the Shawnee High School directory

By its nature, the classroom setting creates a captive audience. The students with malleable young minds cannot leave and are, therefore, unable to shield themselves from unwanted speech. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous teachers take advantage of this component to push their our agendas and it is happening all across America.

We asked the school what kind of English assignment or curriculum facilitated this conversation but we did not receive a response. 

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