My new approach is unsubscribing from any email with a rainbow flag. Ignore any business with kids and pride themes. I have no issue with gay people, but we all know this has nothing to do with any sexual orientation except pedophile, which I do have an issue with.

I have a BIG issue with Carters, A&F kids, Bloomingdale’s, Barnes and Noble kids, and countless others sending me “pride celebrations” aimed at my elementary school kids. They aren’t in public school for a reason, and I’m not buying your junk if you think it’s a good marketing ploy to normalize sexualization of kids years shy of puberty. It’s grooming!

Who thinks openly advocating for child sexualization, sterilization, and genital mutilation will ever be a good or moral idea? Oh yeah, the American media, Academia, Democrats, and a bunch of CEO’s (especially Disney). Sick and sad.

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I'm subscribing to help you keep the information flowing.

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Best monthly subscription I have

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This is what is called “repressive tolerance”, a term coined by Herbert Marcuse, according to James Lindsay’s New Discourses. All speech and behavior from the Left must be tolerated, even violence, while the opposition, conservative or mainstream liberal must be silenced, and even prevented from thinking contrary to the Woke radical agenda, if possible.

This is not just “street-level” thuggery, it is baked into the architecture of New Left theory in action.

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Chaia, There is something i think you need to know about WHY this is happening and WHO is FUNDING TRANS/CRT ideology in our public schools across the country.

I am BANNED from Twitter for telling too many truths. My account suspension is PERMANENT. I am an Independent, but lean Conservative on social issues.

It rips me up inside that I can't comment on your threads with this info, as I see MANY commenters asking why this is being done to children, and WHO is behind it

Bill Gates and the GATES foundation funded COMMON CORE, a horrifying curriculum that saw to the dumbing down of 2 generations of American kids.

What billionaire money is behind trans/CRT ideology? GATES FOUNDATION , SOROS open society Foundation. Soros is the top donor to DEMOCRATS and has also put 100's of millions behind Dem DA's in Dem states and cities that refuse to prosecute crime. One of those DA's was RECALLED in SF, Cali today.

Aside from Gates and Soros there is the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX behind the funding of trans ideology, hence why it is so pervasive. THIS IS GROOMING alright, but for the purpose of creating.MORE Trans children who will become PATIENTS FOR LIFE, via hormone therapy, counseling and grotesque self mutilation through surgeries, often multiple.

The idea is to plant a seed in a child's head, to make Trans APPEALING, hence causing confusion.. For children in today's society, LGBTQT IS COOL.

This is about the moral and integral break down of family systems, the absence of our Lord and Savior as head of the nuclear family. Kids are extremely vulnerable due to poor home lives, wanting to be accepted among peers etc TEACHERS ARE TO ENCOURAGE THIS, as you have aptly shown through videos you've posted

In order to answer some of the questions people have as to WHY this is occurring, big money donors, and agendas must be exposed. The medical industrial complex and the billionaires funding this are WELL ORGANIZED.

And we would do best to do the same

For ALL our children..

PLEASE, PLEASE research. This is all I can say now.


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Just subscribed

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Sad to say, it appears we need new statewide and possibly federal legislation protecting kids from trans indoctrination, drag shows, Pride Events and of course medical conversions to the opposite sex. They can't tell us we started it. We are just responding to their corruption. There is no way we could think this stuff up!!

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This is so disturbing. You are a true super hero spreading awareness and shutting the grossness down!

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This is not the first time in history that all of this has happened. Why do all the major religions and traditional societies and customs reject this? I think if we study history we will find that this all is a symptom of societal rot. Nothing new here. There is a strong mind virus strain for minor attracted people. The damage is has done through history is amazing.

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I would recommend you post on Truth Social.

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I wish RuPaul would step up and say "Not for children", because if anyone knows "drag", it's him. Maybe not. RuPaul caved to the "trans" community after decades (maybe centuries?) of everyone knowing drag queens are gay men dressing up like women.

"RuPaul's Drag Race" started in 2009 on TV!! I don't remember it inspiring millions of kids to become drag queens, let alone ever being marketed to children.

It's become a hard-core political demand from leftists. No one *MUST* accept it, but most of all - no one can be forced into participating.

How sad is a world, where laws have to be created, so we can say "no".

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