WHAT! Parents cannot opt our of LBGTQ programming? My kids are fully grown so I don't have an iron in the fire but as a former parent of school children I would be so outraged at so many levels! I would have pulled my kids out of public school. I know many parents of public school children cannot afford private school so I would hope a benefactor would step in to help in these desperate times. I sincerely hope a class action suit is brought against this school district. This is so upsetting me. Hey woke folks, this is my trigger.

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Here we go again! Thanks for outing them!!! Disgusting

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I’m a grandparent living in Florida with zero association to NY thank God. But this completely outrages me. Something must be done stop the destruction of an entire generation of children. Doesn’t anyone in positions of power care? you are truly doing HaShem’s work here

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The woke shitlibs continue to amaze me with their hypocrisy.

They removed God from the public schools saying that you cannot force people to believe in a religion.

They also legalized abortion and homosexual unions saying that the government has no right to intrude upon our privacy.

Now they turn the tables and force the rest of us to subscribe to the LGBTQ+ lunacy totally forgetting that you cannot force people to believe in a "religion" and that our sexual proclivities are private.

Instead, the government, via our tax dollars, is pushing sexuality and mental illnesses publicly and one cannot opt out.

Yet if some school somewhere in the US starts doing a morning prayer, that would be a massive violation of rights and shitlibs everywhere would be up in arms about forcing kids to be exposed to God.

Seriously our nation is totally f-ed up...

Again, my advice to NYC parents is to move out of NYC. Don't give those assholes any more of your money or time. You cannot fight the system as it is rigged against you. Why else would they be dong this? They are emboldened.

There are plenty of other schools in the country that are more "normal."

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Since the last time time that I checked NYC. had 31 protected genders bit one Human Rights spokesperson disc that there might be an infinite number, nothing that the city does in this matter surprises me. Of course, the tragedy is that a large segment of the educational bureaucracy probably spends more t8me making sure that this topic is taught than attempting to improve basic literacy, math and science skills. Keep shining the daylight in this, the only hope is for a overwhelming parental revolt sparked by media exposure and perhaps augmented by law suits.

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Thankfully Alabama is populated with enough real men and real women to populated our state Government where we can pass laws that don't grant these people special rights. They can make believe whatever they want but they cannot force me to live in their make believe world.

There is a game we use to play as kids. (that's early to mid 1960's for me) Take a light folding chair and place it close to a wall. Bend over and put your head against the wall. Pick up the chair and try to stand up. Boys cannot stand back up. Girls can easily stand up after they pick up the chair. Boys don't bend in the same place that girls bend. Try it yourself. Get your kids to try it.

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Queer Theory is a truly disgusting ideology. There's a lot of gross people behind it. Students may not be able to read, but at least they have the proper ideology, or that's how they think.

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