I finally subscribed to Libs of Tik Tok based on this article. That chart showing NPR as non biased news made me spew my coffee on my keyboard! We MUST defund NPR -- not a conservative bone in their body. I notice CNN is "mostly noise" (they nailed it there). And the NYT (which I subscribe to at $4/month into my email) is so dripping with bias left, and a source of so much negativity, they should go under. To that effect, I highly recommend you subscribe to the podcast HONESTLY, with the brilliant Bari Weiss (who defected from NYT and exposes them for the far left publication they are). She illustrates journalism and dialogue as it should be conducted.

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This is happening in the whole state of CA - the draft CA math curriculum framework incorporates political and gender ideology and is an exemplar of woke math. Less than 40 % of CA students are proficient in math, and these woke math proposals have already failed after implementation at SFUSD, but they press on.

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A Brief History of American K-12 Mathematics Education in the 20th Century - by David Klein 2003

"In October 1999, the U.S. Department of Education recommended to the nation's 15,000 school districts a list of math books, including several that had been sharply criticized by mathematicians and parents of school children across the country for much of the preceding decade"

"The essence of the dictum from educators of the 1990s and late 1980s, that the teacher should be "a guide on the side and not a sage on the stage," was already captured in a statement from the principal of one of John Dewey's "schools of tomorrow" from the 1920s:

"The teacher's arbitrary assignment of the next ten pages in history, or nine problems in arithmetic, or certain descriptions in geography, cannot be felt by the pupil as a real problem and a personal problem."

This leftist-progressive "math" BS has been around forever.

I'll admit I never got the hang of algebra - unknown variables? I'll just make a guess - things "vary", how can "variables" ever really be "known"?? My older brother taught me geometry by letting me help him build a big dog house. Our dog wasn't impressed with my newfound understanding of geometry but he did like his house.

Let's go back to thoroughly teaching "arithmetic" in K - 12. Let's make sure every student can add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

By 11th or 12th grade everyone will know whether or not they're going into molecular biology, astrophysics, or not bothering to count back change at the register because nobody uses real cash.

Everybody needs to stop making numbers a "personal experience". Numbers don't care about your feelings.

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I have to take issue with the sense of surprise expressed here, though. It is not really shocking that a failing school district would start teaching woke math instead of real math. "Dumbing down" the curriculum makes perfect sense to people who are struggling to teach the basics. From an adminstrative point of view, it is far easier than fixing the teacher problem. After all, when the "correct answers" are expressed in the form of words and feelings rather than numbers, it becomes quite difficult to fail people.

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What an appalling waste of time. More "social advocacy" = less math skills. The dumbing down of American students has been going on for decades, at an ever-accelerating pace.

"Michele Fry 2 hr ago: 'I finally subscribed to Libs of Tik Tok based on this article.'" - Same here!

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For info on the (woke) draft CA math curriculum, check savemath.net

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Aug 24, 2022·edited Aug 24, 2022

Some kids are smart and can readily undertstand math .... others not so much

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Hi LoTT! I am a subscriber. I wanted to let you know that your bio for the new book you've posted has the wrong author (Scott Spacek). I ordered the book he wrote and will order the conservative book, too, however, that author is a different Scott.

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Does anyone have some good arguments against land acknowledgement statements? I'm attending a school board meeting for the first time (thanks to Libs of Tik Tok letting us know about the porn in libraries), and noticing that there is a freaking land acknowledgement on the agenda. I found this from a guy name Peter Best in Canada, but wondering if there is something deeper that I can send the school board. Thank you:

"Our political elites are now actively renouncing significant portions of the legitimate “authority” of our governments in favour of Indigenous groups. As a result, they are weakening the provincial and the federal governments’ hitherto sole and sovereign legal authority to act for the general welfare of all Canadians, regardless of race. In doing this, these elites are inadvertently pitting groups of Canadians against each other.

Why is sole Crown sovereignty so important?

Crown sovereignty is the fount and the guardian of our democracy, our property rights, our economy and of the rule of law. To diminish the Crown’s sovereignty is to attack the Crown revenue, harm the economy, weaken the rule of law and, overall, diminish our democracy. In the final analysis, it is only a fiscally sound and a strong, solely sovereign state that can best protect and advance the rights and the general welfare of all Canadians, regardless of race.

So there cannot be any room in all of this for the existence of numerous, separate, autonomous, Indigenous Nations, “mini-states,” which are illiberally based on the race of a group of people.

Again, ILAs are dangerously and improperly wading into profound, nuanced, and complicated areas of public policy and constitutional law.

There are other reasons why ILAs should be repealed.

At best, ILAs constitute vague, bland, virtue signalling. They don’t do anything constructive to help Indigenous peoples. What difference does it make that 400 years ago Indigenous peoples were the sole residents of what is now Canada? Indigenous and non-Indigenous cannot continue to be prisoners of the past. Today our Indigenous population continue to face terrible and tragic social conditions. How do these ILAs constructively help our Indigenous peoples now and in future? They don’t. All they do is support the utterly failed and harmful status quo.

Finally, ILAs, with their obsessive and relentless focus on race, increase the tension between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people instead of decreasing it. The socially coercive nature of these ILAs leads to a confused, sometimes grudging, silent submission to them. No one likes the feeling of being compelled to having to submit to listening to words they are unsure of or may disagree with. Instead of binding us together with a constructive vision of the future, with their unrelenting, misrepresentative focus on the distant past, these ILAs push us apart."

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It’s racist because they fear math. Why? There’s a right way and wrong way, same for everyone. Can’t have that.

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I suspect some of these teachers teach the woke message because they don't know enough to teach anything else. It's not hard to imagine a algebra teacher who isn't even proficient in arithmetic, "teaching" by rote, copying examples out of the teacher's guide, unable to answer any questions that actually require some understanding of the material.

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