I've been boycotting Kellogg's for over 5 years now as they were one of the first major companies who were pushing "over the edge" progressive values....plus most everything they produce is unhealthy garbage....So it's a win /win

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Kellogg's has been "educated" by activists who claim there are magic kids who are born in the wrong body and these kids need to be included. In reality, their efforts exclude gender diverse kids by shoeing them into an irreversible intervention that causes severe life long harm to address normal issues most grow out of. affected kids are excluded from life long physical health, life long mental health, life long sexual function, romance opportunities, social opportunities. amsterdam says people on gender meds long term die early 2x ave. kelloggs promotions are the opposite of inclusive. theyre homophobic and misogynistic. they promote child abuse.

when right wing leaders are elected around the globe, its interesting to observe the role gender ideology plays. "Melei has criticised comprehensive sex education and called it a form of “brainwashing”.

as gender ideology has slipped into communities world wide like a thief in the night, pols who stand up to this mens rights movement can get elected easier.

when a people are being attacked, they usually stand to defend themselves. when the attack comes in the form of a 1000 lies. it takes a little longer for people to figure out whats going on

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Angelo Carusone's old blog posts come back around every so often. He took charge of MMFA from Brock and transformed its mission. And here is where things get weird: they had started out doing what Libs of TikTok does, in reverse. Back when I first got to know Carusone, MMFA employees mostly clipped conservative/right wing voices and "fact checked" them (the term being contested, obvsly). Between 2013 and 2016 Carusone showed out the old guard from MMFA and brought in the Parker Malloy generation. Look at who left during the Trump years and who came in. There is a pre-Malloy MMFA and a post-Malloy MMFA. Sources in that world who still speak to me anymore tell me that Malloy is being groomed (heh) to take over after Carusone.

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