In California we are fighting gender ideology with a ballot initiative:


If we can get this on the 2024 ballot, it will pass. Californians overwhelmingly rejected race-based "affirmative action" in 2020, and we will reject gender ideology in 2024.

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has anyone “called for the genocide of Jews” ? no examples were cited in any articles i read.

from india today:

"Pro-Palestinian demonstrations were held on the campus, resulting in the disruption of classes. In many parts of the US, Jewish-based businesses and Jewish people staying in the country were targeted by pro-Palestinian mobs"

targeted? where? when? if this actually happened its not in news article.

the main thing these reps are attacking isnt anti semitism. its free speech.

what supporters of israel and gender ideology fear the most = free speech.

when dudes in drag are misgendered by a 16 YO starbucks worker its "transphobia"

when people learn israel is commiting an illegal genocide against innocent palestinians its "anti semitism" to simply state the truth. when the truth is what you fear most you know youre on the wrong side of the issue.

the reality is no one believes these claims cynically presented by pro israeli and gender biz activists. everyone knows the claims of discrimination are false and are empty grandstanding by bought off pols who mindlessly exclaim blanket support for israel and support for gender biz lies. collect your check bag-o-wind pols. feed from the trough.

thank fully there is no anti semitism to report and its widely known these claims are empty theater.

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