WATCH: Drag queen middle school teacher makes sexual comments to children at drag event


Meet James Miller, a middle school teacher at Mountain Gap Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama.

Mountain Gap Middle School website

Outside of teaching middle school children, Mr. Miller is alternatively known as his drag persona, Ms. Majesty Divine. 

Madge D. Ivine (Majesty Divine) Facebook

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During his free time, Mr. Miller performs at a variety of drag events including “drag queen story hours” where he reads in full drag to young children.  Recently, Mr. Miller headlined a drag queen story hour on September 24th at a dog shelter, which was live-streamed and posted to the shelter’s Facebook page.

Hard Knocks Rescue Facebook

During this “family-friendly event,” Mr. Miller made a series of lewd sexual innuendos and jokes where he told a room full of children “everybody likes a big bone,” and that all men have “meat on their mind.” Mr. Miller must’ve known the inappropriate nature of his comments because immediately following the remarks Mr. Miller says “We’re not still live, are we?”

Why would you ensure you’re not live after a comment if you weren’t aware that it was inappropriate? I’m sure Mr. Miller knows not to make those jokes in his classroom, right? Not that it even matters since Mountain Gap Middle School doesn’t seem to mind this type of behavior around children. We reached out to the school and the superintendent requesting comments about Mr. Miller’s disturbing behavior as well as some questionable public social media posts and received no response.

That’s right— Mr. Miller also has a TikTok account where he posts videos of his drag queen story hours for children right alongside videos where he is talking about anal penetration.

On his Majesty Divine Facebook, Mr. Miller posts photos of men biting fake breasts and putting their faces in a man’s crotch.

Madge D. Ivine (Majesty Divine) Facebook
Madge D. Ivine (Majesty Divine) Facebook

He also advertises wholesome drag queen events such as “drag us to hell” at a local bar

Madge D. Ivine (Majesty Divine) Facebook

But what are we worried about? If your child’s teacher wants to make jokes about penises in front of children and post sexually suggestive public content in their free time, who are you to judge?

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